Friday, December 21, 2007

All you need to start is a typewriter, paper and telephone business. It is not uncommon for a professional finder to earn more than $ 100000 per year. A Seeker earned $ 75000 per month for 5 years. He saw an item in a newsletter that provides 10000 barrels of crude per day for 5 years. Putting seller, which together with a purchaser in a small refinery, has earned a share of only 25? At barrel, and raised its share of $ 75000 per month for 5 years.

How about trading less than $ 1 shipping and in a couple of hours easy job for $ 100. It is not a big fee, but it was so easy to another finder could not pass it up. The reading of a "collectors' magazine, he came across an ad looking for some college memorabilia from a college near his home. He made a number of local calls, find the wanted elements, wrote a letter, and earned an easy $ 100.

A seeker is nothing more than a "matchmaker" for a fee. The Qualified finder simply matches buyers with sellers qualified for a fee. A seeker is not a pre-seller, dealer, agent or representative. Jim Straw, a publisher known nationally and entrepreneur who was a professional finder over 30 years, wrote the only Corsican be in a professional finder. Order Finder's Fees - The easiest You'll Ever Make Money to $ 100 paid by publishers, Phlander Company, 70197 Dept., PO Box 5385, Cleveland TN 37320. It seems expensive, but as a consultation and print with a man who made millions as a finder is a very convenient way to learn from its mistakes.

If a product or service can be bought or sold, there is a potential finder's fee just waiting for a finder with the know-how to win. There are finder fees to be earned in every small town or big city, in every state and the country. All you have to do is match-buyers and sellers, put them together, sit back and collect fees. And you can start your business finder's fee for less than it would cost for a good meal in a restaurant. All you really need is a typewriter, business card, and a phone to get started.


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