Saturday, December 22, 2007

) If you are an actor and the role calls for you than smoking ... One can only say, as the audience, if the actors do not smoke or never smoked, 99% of the time. Only the largest non-smoking actors can pull this off, the way they hold the ashes Strip, snuffing it out, blow Oh, not cringing after inhalation, etc. There is a lot to cope with, without practice, of course, If you practice enough, you can be addicted!

2) The hot girls / boys at the end of the bar / outside / in the cafeteria, which is a cigarette. Endless discussions starter when approaching "Got a light?", "Pretty soon, this will be banned if all!", "I am terribly sorry, could I trouble you for this?" ... There was a comraderie in smokers.

3) If your room mate HATE and they hate smoking, you can use it in an effort to enable them to move! How would it not a good aspect of smoking? An aside here, if you wanted to get out of your lease in a smoke-Flat, invite the landlord to fix something, and answer the door with a smoke detector in your mouth.


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